Bunting Institute Announces Selection of 43 New Fellows

Radcliffe College recently named as next year's Bunting Fellows 43 women, who will receive financial support to spend the year pursuing projects within their fields of expertise.

Starting in September, the fellows will study in Cambridge, with free housing and a stipend ranging from $17,000 to $20,000 provided by the Bunting Institute, officials said yesterday. The group includes five historians, four creative writers, an ethnomusicologist, two philosophers and a social worker.

The Bunting Institute, founded in 1960 with the intention of affording women the opportunity to study at Harvard, selected this year's fellows from a candidate pool spanning six countries.

"The Bunting Fellowship provides an opportunity for women to advance their careers and to make a significant contribution to their fields of study," said Janice Randall, a publicity coordinator for the program. Past fellows of the institute, named for former Radcliffe President Mary Ingraham Bunting, include Alice Walker, who authored "The Color Purple," and Education School Dean Patricia A. Graham.

"Getting this fellowship has made a big difference in my career," said future fellow Dr. Ruth M. Ruprecht, a Harvard Medical School instructor who will spend next year researching cures forleukemia. "It's a major plus to be able toconcentrate on doing research rather than lookingfor sources of funding," she said.


Another fellowship recipient is AssistantProfessor of Law Clare Dalton, who is currentlyasking President Bok to reverse her tenure denial.Dalton, who is a member of a controversial legalfield, claims that the decision by the Law Schoolto reject her bid for a lifetime post was based onsex discrimination