The Scouting Report


Quarterback: Tom was terrific even in defeat. Last week against the University of Massachusetts, Tom Yohe completed 20 of 36 passes for 312 yards, the third-best passing day in Harvard history. He is second on the team in rushing with 65 yards. He can do it all. Sometimes, as against UMass, he is forced to.

Running Backs: Last year, Tony Hinz did not get to play against Holy Cross because of an injury. Although it's unlikely Harvard would have won the game--the score was Holy Cross 41, Harvard 6--he certainly would have helped. This year he has 201 yards rushing (a 5.6 per-carry average) and two touchdowns.

Receivers: Although Harvard still mourns the graduation of All-Ivy wideout Brian Barringer, the Crimson has gotten some good play from split end Neil Phillips (five receptions for 101 yards and a touchdown) and tight end Don Gajewski (89 yards receiving and a last name most visiting radio announcers botch--it's guy-EF-skee, guys.)

Offensive Line: Last week, UMass proved challenging for the anonymous bunch in front of Yohe. Still, Harvard has a fine unit, led by tackle Maurice Frilot, whom Crusader Coach Mark Duffner called one of the best at his position. Duffner also cited Shawn Sensky, Tony Consigli and John Bartholomew--in other words, Duffner's concerned about Harvard's entire line.

Defensive Line: Harvard got mowed down convincingly by UMass last week. But don't expect Captain and defensive end Don Peterson to let this unit rest today. Along with defensive tackle Jim Bell, Peterson provides the heat opposing quarterbacks would rather avoid. If Peterson and friends can get to Wiley often, Harvard will win the game.

Linebackers: This duo is forced to make most of the Crimson's tackles, not a good sign. The linebackers are a second line of defense against the run, and Greg Ubert (12 tackles against UMass) and Brian Burns (10 tackles) proved capable of bringing down the Minutemen's big running backs. Ubert had trouble covering some of the UMass backs on pass plays, however.

Secondary: Free safety Jim Smith had 10 tackles last week against UMass. Smith should like playing the Cross. Last year he took over for injured Bryan Gescuk and intercepted Wiley twice. Look out, Jeff. Sophomore cornerback Chris Rezendes recorded his first career interception last week against the Minutemen.

Holy Cross

Quarterback: Last year, Jeff Wiley was the top-ranked passer in Division I-AA. This year, he's having his troubles (nine interceptions), mainly because of an inexperienced receiving corps. But Wiley is still a man to be watched. He has completed 64 of 113 passes for 806 yards with four touchdowms.

Running Backs: It was bad enough losing Heisman Trophy finalist Gordon Lockbaum to graduation. But early this season, the Cross lost junior fullback Willie Bradford to a knee injury. Although primarily a passing team, the Crusaders get good ground mileage out of fullback Joe Segreti (266 yards rushing in four games, a 4.8 per-carry average).

Receivers: Here, too, Mr. Lockbaum is missed. Instead of Flash Gordon, Wiley has had to rely on a sophomore, Mark Gallagher, and his tailback, Tim Donovan, to catch his passes. Donovan has 15 receptions. Gallagher is short (5-ft., 9-in.), but he's quick. He has 13 receptions. This year Wiley is shooting for the 10,000 career passing mark. These folks will have to help him.

Offensive Line: Tom Hanks would feel right at home on this unit. How big are these fellows? All-Colonial conference players Mark Stoy (right tackle) and Dennis Golden (right guard) are both over 250 pounds. Do you suppose that when the Crusaders run, they might favor the right side? Look out, a couple of tanks ahead.

Defensive Line: The Crusaders have not allowed a first-quarter touchdown all year. Credit must go to middle guard Gerry Trietley (6-ft., 2-in., 220-lbs.) and defensive end Tom Smith, who has made 27 tackles in four games. Yohe found the Crusaders' front five tough to deal with last year. If the Cross proves equally as ferocious, look for a Crusader blowout.

Linebackers: McGovern, McGovern he's their man. If he can't do it, Maruca can. Rob McGovern leads the team in tackles with 65. He gets help from two-year starter Chris Maruca. They'll be tested when Tony Hinz comes out of the Harvard backfield to catch passes.

Secondary: Cornerback Dave Murphy is a man to beware of. He collects interceptions the way George Bush collects American flags. He was third in the nation in interceptions last year, but has tailed off a little this year--he has just one pick-off. But if Yohe is just a little off...In addition to his intercepting prowess, Murphy has 28 tackles.