1988 Career Forum

The seventh annual OCS-sponsored Career Forum will feature representatives from over 60 prominent organizations covering 14 industries. This program is designed for students and alumni to learn about career and job opportunities available for liberal arts graduates. Many of the companies and non-profits at this year's forum will be participating in on-campus recruiting.

This is an excellent opportunity for seniors and recent alumni to explore the range of training programs in management consulting, manufacturing, investment banking, communications and so forth. Now is your chance to find out what positions are available with which companies. Put the rumors to rest and speak first hand with company representatives. Take the opportunity to discuss their company, the competition, and the industry.

Underclassmen should take advantage of the forum and learn about summer jobs and internships.

Collect company literature and explore career possibilities before it is too late. There is a wealth of information available to help you with your career quest.

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