To the Editors of The Crimson:

Re the article, "Bush Prepares to Make Move to White House: Post-Election Blues:

I am finally beginning to understand how it is that average Americans and governmental agencies can so steadfastly refuse to contemplate rational, comprehensive action regarding the worst inequities in our society.

If Prof. Richard Haass and his pro-George Bush colleagues here at Harvard agree that the country is substantially "better off" now, when homeless people are sleeping against the walls of Harvard Yard, what can we expect by way of effective and humane public policy from this or any federal administration? Derek Bok, in several letters to the Harvard community over the last couple of years, has focused on the moral effect of institutions of higher learning, with the conclusion that practice (by administrators and faculty) is more important than precept in influencing the moral behavior of students now and in their future careers. If such members of the intellectual and (presumably) moral elite who are eagerly "packing their bags for Washington (and who) point to a healthy economy" can be so blind and deaf to injustices literally at their doorsteps--as the Proverbs say. Wisdom cries at the gates--then it is not surprising to find profound apathy on such issues in the country at large. Eric Hunter, GSAS


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