The Sports Cube Predicts The Game

Mark BrazaitisSports Editor

Quarterback Tom Yohe, noted for his famous first halves, starts The Game with a cast wrapped on his right leg. He throws a pair of first-half touchdowns but is re-injured as the clock expires at the end of the second quarter.

Quarterback Rod MacLeod, noted for his famous second halves, fires two second-half TDs.

Yale scores a touchdown here, a touchdown there.

Harvard Coach Joe Restic declares The Game, "A great college football game," as he does after most Saturday showdowns.


Everyone is happy. Harvard wins, 28-14.

Julio VarelaAssistant Sports Editor

With Harvard down, 29-13, with 42 seconds left in The Game, the Crimson stages a momentous comeback...

No, wait, that's already happened.

Instead, this year's Game will end in a scoreless tie. The fans threaten to storm the field unless a winner is determined.

The officials agree and decide that the only way to determine the winner of The Game is to have both coaches arm wrestle on the 50-yd. line.

Carm Cozza is no match for Joe Restic. Harvard wins The Game, 3-0.

Harvard fans hoist Restic on their shoulders. The bitterness of the season has turned sweet. The Stadium roars.

Jennifer M. FreyAssistant Sports Editor

Bush beat Dukakis and Yale will beat Harvard. The election wasn't pretty. The Game will be downright ugly. Face it, this just isn't the Crimson's season.

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