SWAT Responds


To the Editors of the Crimson:

While Louis M. Green '91 may not be "fashionably apathetic," he is at least ignorant of the facts. His letter concerning SWAT, published on November 14, is incorrect on several points. We wish to set the record straight.

Green says that SWAT has singled out the Fly Club because it has the closest ties to the University, making the legal action easier. Wrong on all counts. SWAT did not file the legal complaint against the Fly. Before the SWAT was even conceived of, Lisa Schkolnick '88 went to file a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination against all the final clubs. She was told she must specify one club, and she randomly chose the Fly.

The Fly was not selected because other clubs had lesser ties to the University. The Fly is typical of the prejudicial, discriminatory final club system. While a decision against the Fly Club would not require the other clubs to admit women, it would set an important legal precedent. This is how our legal system works.

Schkolnick's complaint sparked the interest of others who decided to form a group to support the case. They formed Stop With-holding Access Today (SWAT). The purpose of the group has always been twofold, as the name suggests. SWAT supports the legal complaint (raising legal fees, helping with research, etc.), which is aimed directly at the Fly, as the phrase "SWAT the Fly" might suggest.


But as the words "stop withholding access today" suggest, SWAT has a broader agenda which involves publicizing and addressing the issue of sexism with regards to all nine final clubs. For example, a letter was sent this fall to all sophomores that included information on all the clubs.

It is said that ignorance and apathy go hand in hand. By eliminating ignorance, SWAT hopes to eliminate apathy. We applaud Green's lack of apathy, for SWAT strongly feels that any discussion of the issue is good. The final clubs have thrived on secrecy and mystique; the more people know about the clubs, and the better they understand what they represent (as Green clearly does), the better for all of us. We only wish he and others were less ignorant about SWAT. John Andre Felitti '91   Jack L. Robbins '90