A Holiday Hit List

THE semester's done early, your three papers completed,

Your Mac is still sizzling, though your room is unheated,

It's four below zero, the Quad shuttle's exploded,

Trump's bought your plane, where your bags have been loaded.

Dear reader, you've pored through news analysis and editorial,


You've seen three-part features and galleries pictorial.

As you shelve your last sourcebook and head for the gate,

Take with you our offerings for Yuletime '88.

To students, a center, where we all can gather,

North House dwellers can finally meet those from Mather.

Going there could easily become a habit;

Besides, we need another building named after a Cabot.

It sure beats the garden in back of the Fly,

Where SWAT holds barbeques to berate and decry.

To the insects, we give flypaper to attract women galore,