Malaysian Detainee


To the Editors of The Crimson:

I wish to thank you for the support you gave me during my ten months of detention (without trial!) under Malaysia's Internal Security Act.

One good part of being detained is finding out that there are so many people in the world who care to express their support for us.

I am sure that international opinion played an important role in securing my (and others') early release, but even if it did not, we were extremely warmed and encouraged by the support which came from all over the world.

From the October 1987 mass arrest, 17 detainees still remain in detention. Among them is a close friend and colleague, Dr. Nasir Hashim, a graduate of Cornell University and an associate professor in Social and Preventive Medicine at the National University of Malaysia. We hope that you will continue to ask for the release of Nasir and the remaining detainees.


Although released from detention, I am still under restriction orders which restrict my mobility and prevent my particpation in social and political activities and organizations.

However, I am able to carry on with my academic work, and at the moment, I am busy with my Ph.D. thesis as well as with my teaching duties at the Agriculture University of Malaysia.

Once again, my sincere appreciation and greetings to all friends! Heng Leng Chee