Parking or Escorts


To the Editors of The Crimson:

As a result of an apparent change in policy, police are currently towing cars on Harvard property in the evenings. Until this change many students parked on campus at night while working. This provided a safe transit to and from the University in the evenings.

The escort service will only transport a student from one Harvard building to another Harvard building. As many graduate students do not live in Harvard buildings, this service does not help them. In addition, the escort service has advised students not to as the escort service on a regular basis.

The parking office has a lottery every September for students to apply for parking permits. These permits are both expensive and are for full time parking only. Currently, there is parking available for students in Peabody Terrace and Soldier's Field. Neither of these are safe, accessible lots for students working on campus late at night.

In light of the above, I ask HOW a student may safely return to campus at night to work? Nicole J. Ferrier   Graduate School of Arts and Sciences