The Settlement

BLSA Demands

Minority Hiring

Tenure a Black woman by fall 1988.

Hire 20 "diverse" professors, with seven to be Black and four to be Black women.

Student Role in Hiring

Give students a role in both the appointments and minority search committees.


Encouraging Minority Students to Teach

Create a fellowship to train "diverse students" for careers in law school teaching.

Encourage minority students to go into teaching, through an annual meeting with the dean and a mentor system.

Encouraging Minority Faculty to Come to Boston

Encourage minority professors to move to the Boston area and "facilitate their transition to Harvard and the Boston area."

Appointing Bell as Dean

Appoint Professor Derrick Bell as the Law School dean.

Minority Faculty Recruitment

Recruit minority professors more aggressively and create an advisory board of delegates from law students' and lawyers' organizations representing minorities and women.

Express a commitment to diversity and non-discrimination.