Life as the Corsican Brothers

Squash's Jim and Jon Masland

"We're similar to the Corsican brothers," Jim Masland says.

Jim and Jon Masland, who played on the Harvard varsity squash team this year, just may be the next Corsican brothers--although a better description might be Cheech and Chong, the comedians who played the Corsican brothers.

"We have an inverse relationship," Jim says. "When I lift weights, Jon gets bigger."


"The calmer I get, the angrier he gets," Jon says. "During the tennis season, when I was calm, Jim was angry. When I got mad, Jim was calm."

"After I screwed up my leg, Jon screwed up his," Jim adds. "He's like my alter-ego."


Jim, a Winthrop House sophomore, probably has the most unusual, if not interesting reason for coming to Harvard. "I came to Harvard, because I wanted to go to Yale," he says. "I also like the Charles River. It's spiritual. There's excellent food up here also."

Jon quickly adds, "but not in the Union."

Jon had slightly different reasons for coming to Harvard. "I picked Harvard because of the academics and the squash program," he says. "I was also psyched to be with my elder brother."

Their real interests as youngsters were soccer and tennis, but they both started playing squash as a hobby when they were about nine or 10 years old. "We played squash in between the soccer and tennis seasons," Jim says.

But they both gave up tennis because "it was boring" and became serious about squash.

Jim and Jon have been on the same teams all through their lives, so they have never played against each other competitively.

But Jim quickly jumps in that they had to play challenge matches. "We had to play challenge matches in high school, which I always won," Jim says.

"But I used to win in ping-pong," Jon says.

"Yeah, that was how we evened things out," Jim says.

Jim and Jon support each other, but hate to watch the other one play a match. "Neither of us can watch the other play," Jim says. "I think we both get nervous when the other one is playing."