Wintery Dreams in Springtime

Mark My Words

The sun is shining. People are throwing frisbees on lawns. People are playing softball. People are finally enjoying the weather.

Well, almost all people.

Harvard hockey Coach Bill Cleary and Associate Coach Ronn Tomassoni are inside a game room in downtown Boston playing air hockey.

"Okay, let's play a game," Cleary says, "Harvard versus Cornell."

"I'm Harvard," Tomassoni says.

"No, I'm Harvard," Cleary says.

"We're both Harvard," they say and smile.

Cleary sends a shot skipping up the side. Tomassoni drills a shot down the middle.

They are bashing the smooth disk back and forth. They are competing a little. they are trying to send the puck into the other's goal. Mostly, though, they are dreaming.

"I'm Allen Bourbeau," Cleary says.

"I'm Lane MacDonald," Tomassoni says.

Dreaming of next season, six months away, when Olympians Bourbeau and MacDonald will return to Bright Center. Dreaming of ice in the middle of spring.

Back and forth.

"I'm Nick Carone," Cleary says, laughing.

"I'm Eddie Krayer," Tomassoni says, chuckling.