Radcliffe Crew Delayed; National Title is on Hold

The Radcliffe heavyweight crew's quest for the national championship of women's crew must wait at least another day.

The race, originally scheduled for yesterday in Corning, N.Y., was postponed due to high winds and the resulting choppy water.

Later in the day the winds and waves died down and three races were run.

Princeton won the varsity light-weight eights race. Georgetown captured the varsity heavyweight fours title, and Ohio State outstroked the competition in the lightweight fours before darkness ended the day's racing.

The Black-and-White boat, which will consist of bow Jillian Buriak, two-seat Martha Rogers, three Joanna Bench, four Vicky Keane, five Betsy McCagg, six Mary McCagg, seven Karen Weltchek, stroke Juliet Thompson, and cox Leigh Weiss, will race first today, followed by the junior varsity eights, the novice fours and the novice eights.