Take a Closer Look

THE political experts have got it all wrong.

They say that Gov. Michael S. Dukakis, the Democratic presidential candidate, chose Texas Sen. Lloyd M. Bentsen as his running mate because he wants to repeat history. Look what the late John F. Kennedy '40 did in 1960 with Lyndon B. Johnson.

These so-called experts say the choice of Bentsen, a Texan, will give the Duke some clout in the South. It will get rid of his "Look at me, I am a Massachusetts liberal" label.

These same pundits also point to Bentsen's 1970 Senate victory over Vice President George Bush. If Lloyd did it before, heck, he could probably do it again.

It's obvious that these alleged experts have never gone to the movies.


Close your eyes the next time Bentsen speaks in Atlanta this week. Voice sound familiar? You've heard it before somewhere.

"Honey, that ain't Bentsen. It's Jimmy Stewart."

OPEN your eyes now. Look real close at Bentsen.

"Hey, honey, that guy ain't Bentsen. It really is Jimmy Stewart."

Have you ever seen Jimmy Stewart and Lloyd Bentsen together in the same room? And you thought it was only coincidence.

Dukakis didn't pick Lloyd Bentsen to be his running mate. The Duke chose Jimmy Stewart, one of Hollywood's greatest actors. It's time to break the news, all you delegates in Atlanta. Don't be fooled.

As for you gol'darned poltical experts, you've been had.

But the question remains: why Stewart? Why would Dukakis gamble a presidential election on an actor who hasn't made a major movie in 25 years?

Also, why would Dukakis think he could win the election with Stewart, one of Tinseltown's most famous Republicans?

Golly, there's got to be a darned answer for all this hoopla.