How Much Do You Really Know?

Harvard Hockey Quiz

So, you think you know a lot about Harvard hockey? You wear Crimson sweaters. You call opposing goalies "Black Holes." You never miss a game at Bright Center.

Well, Harvard fan, let's see just how much of a Crimson diehard you are. It's time for the 1989 Harvard hockey quiz:

1. What song does the Harvard band always play before the Crimson interrupts it by skating onto the ice, forcing frenzied band members to start playing "10,000 Men of Harvard?"

a. "Born to Run"

b. "(My Angel is a) Centerfold"


c. "I'm Turning Japanese"

d. "Only the Good Die Young"

e. "Vacation"

f. "Louie, Louie"

2. Name the five Harvard players who scored against Michigan State in the NCAA semifinals.

3. When was the last time Harvard lost a regular-season game at Bright Center? And against what team?

4. What is Lane MacDonald's real first name?

5. For what NHL team did Lane's father, Lowell MacDonald, play?

a. Hartford Whalers

b. Minnesota North Stars