The Resolution

On behalf of the Academics Committee, Scott Frewing and Joel Hornstein will recommend that the following be passed:

Whereas, undergraduates who attend Harvard on ROTC scholarships are inconvenienced by commuting to MIT,

Whereas ROTC scholarships are the financial avenue to a Harvard education for many middle and lower income students,

Whereas Harvard scholarship undergraduates do not receive benefits equivalent to those of undergraduates with ROTC on their campus,

Whereas ROTC relieves Harvard University of some financial aid burden, and


Whereas a Harvard education through ROTC provides the armed forces with a more diversified leadership corps than military academies can,

The Harvard Radcliffe Undergraduate Council resolves that Harvard should have an ROTC program without academic credit on campus and calls upon the Faculty of Harvard and the armed forces of the United States military to reinstitute ROTC as an on-campus program so that Harvard undergraduates are not disadvantaged unduly and that the armed forces of the United States are insured a well-educated and diverse officer corps.

The Undergraduate Council asks that the Administration begin negotiations with all three military services over possible areas of conflict with an eventual goal of having ROTC on Harvard's campus.