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To the Editors of The Crimson:

We want to bring to your attention a recent ugly and intolerable incident. There seem to be people here who have more in common with the illustrious Jesse Helms than they'd ever imagine. They evidently believe their views are absolutely correct and supremely higher than everyone else's, to the point of falling in with the censorship agenda of the senator and his neo-Nazi friends.

On a typical postering run last week for one of Harvard's many student groups, one of our members turned to see three undergraduates shamelessly ripping down her posters, crumpling them up and throwing them right into the nearest trashcan. When they saw her walking towards them, they pretended they were just standing there talking.

They waited, thinking she'd walk by, so they could take the last poster down, until they noticed that she was the posterer, at which point they fled. There is simply no excuse for this blatent suppression of freedom of speech. How anyone can talk about the need for protection of rights while actively stomping all over ours is beyond hypocrisy.

A few minutes earlier, a woman who walked by had said she agreed with our poster. There may be people who want to believe that everyone on campus has to agree with them, but evidently this is not true. Even if it were, they have no right to censor anyone's views, especially not those of a recognized student organization.

These people who intend to infringe on freedom of speech to suppress a minority's dissenting view may want to simply secede and create their own facist "PC" state, where everyone must be of one, and only one, mind. In this country, however, we don't tolerate this disgusting oppression.

You may not like to challenge your views, but we aren't demanding that you agree with what we say. Don't try to silence a progressive pro-life approach by taking away our rights, just talk with us instead.

What are you scared of? Nicole Smith '92   Julie Whitman '93   Mercy Becerra '91   Directors, H/R Progressive Alliance for Life

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