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By William Klingelhofer

Have you ever dreamed of finding a summer job with a large investment bank in Asia or an international consulting firm in Europe? Or how about spending the year after you graduate working to preserve the rain forests in Costa Rica or writing speeches for a member of Parliament in London? Would you like a teaching job a short bus ride from the Akropolis, or perhaps the chance to be a journalist in India?

These are all dreams that Harvard students have made real during the past year. In fact, there are very few things out there -- anywhere around the globe -- that Harvard students haven't tried at some time. The International Experience Program (IEP) at OCS encourages and helps students to explore such opportunities for overseas learning and work.

IEP advisors at OCS can counsel students on study and internship programs offered by various U.S. and international institutions. Several internship programs straddling the globe are also administered directly through the IEP. These include teaching internships in Greece and Britain, business internships in Japan and Europe, administrative internships in Egypt, government and public service internships in Latin America, and more. Details on these programs and their application prodcedures can be obtained from the Resource Room at OCS.

Frequent meetings held at OCS offer information on various opportunities open to our students. Would you like to spend a year in Paris, for example? Or next summer in Ireland? Meetings being sponsored by the IEP during the next month can offer you some specific ideas on how to do this. Check out the OCS Newletter for the when's and where's of it.

You've never travelled? You're not sure how to go about it? Did you know that the IEP offers a one-week orientation program in London at the beginning of the summer? It's designed to help you get your feet on the ground with a small group of like-minded Harvard adventurers. Or did you know that the IEP publishes The Harvard Guide to International Experience which is yours free for the askng at OCS? It offers all the basic tips you should know if you're thinking about travelling, studying, working, or volunteering abroad. The possibilities for a rewarding overseas experience are almost limitless; the reality of a once-in-a-lifetime international opportunity is yours for the making. The IEP has many resources available to hep it happen. All you need is the dream.

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