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To the Editors of the Crimson:

When Ellen Hamilton asked the question, "But what actually is equestrian?" (Riding Out the Storm, October 19) somebody should have told her that if it is anything at all, "equestrian" is NOT a noun. Throughout her entire article, Ms. Hamilton displays an annoying ignorance regarding her subject, and an inexcusable ignorance with regard to the mechanics of the English language.

"Equestrian," when used as a noun, refers to a person who rides a horse. (Example: von Bismarck is an accomplished equestrian.) One does not say, "This sport is called equestrian." One would no sooner say, "equestrian will always be in his blood," than say "bourgeois will always be in his class." And one does not dicuss the "major factor in equestrian."

One might also mention that the USET, the ASPCA Maclay and the AHSA are not "metal" classes, rather they are "medal" classes.

As a former competitor on the West Coast "A-Circuit," and a current member of the Harvard Polo Team, my criticism may seem a bit severe. However, given the limited attention paid to equestrian sports at Harvard in general, one should hope that an article whose purpose is to give recognition to the sport as well as to its participants might at least be grammatically if not factually accurate. Alexandra Browne '91

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