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Jock Admissions



To the Editors of The Crimson:

I am a student and an athlete. I have been since my first year in high school. But I guess according to the editorial in the October 15 Crimson that I should thank the Admissions Office for extending their "favoritism for recruited athletes" to me for my being here.

Ever since I've been here I've heard people telling me that no one really feels like they belong here at Harvard with "all of those incredibly brilliant people," so I shouldn't be surprised that I sometimes feel that way. All along I've thought that they were right. But really I guess I don't actually belong here academically; I'm just here to run a few miles, kick a few balls or shoot a few baskets. What was I thinking? I hope my parents don't here [sic] about this--all along they've been so proud.

While we're all down at Soldiers Field and you all are back across the river studying (or maybe you don't study much since you're so smart already), I'll spread the word to all of the members of the "jock sub-culture" that they may as well put in some more hours in the training room, the weight room, Gordon, Bright or Briggs because once they get back across the river they're doomed to struggle with their academic inferiority. Hollie J. Moore '93

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