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E4A Supports Anthology



To the Editors of The Crimson:

Thank you for your story on Natasha Tarpley's efforts to compile an anthology of Black student poetry ("Student Compiles Black Poetry Anthology," October 15). It was a pleasure to see the research and care that Seth Harkness '94 put into the article. The issues highlighted by such an anthology are important to the University and to our society in general, particularly in light of continuing incidents of racial unrest on campuses nationwide. Media support is vital to the success of Tarpley's project and other such efforts to raise social consciousness.

In addition to front-page visibility, students need monetary support to get projects started and keep them going. We would like to point out that Education for Action (E4A) has provided the start-up funds for this project. We at E4A are proud of our contribution toward Natasha Tarpley's efforts. We are also proud to have supported Harvard-Radcliffe student projects for social justice over the past 25 years. Besides Natasha Tarpley's anthology, recent E4A-sponsered projects include the creation of Lighthouse magazine, Alumnae/i for Diversity and AIDS Education and Outreach (which began as an E4A study group), as well as many other individual endeavors.

Education for Action is a resource center at Radcliffe College for Harvard-Radcliffe students interested in social change and local and global issues. E4A has been sponsoring student events and projects for social change since 1966. Daniel Sharfstein '94   Education for Action Student Board

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