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By Gady A. Epstein

A Wellesley College Society has angered many students by reprinting a controversial Top 10 list from Late Night with David Letterman on its invitations for a Friday night social event.

A member of Tau Zeta Epsilon (TZE), the Art and Music Society at Wellesley College, allegedly printed the list on the back of each of her organization's invitations, which were distributed last week. Students said the list of "Top 10 names for a unified Germany" was apparently taken verbatim from the late night show that David Letterman hosts.

The list included names such as "Aryan Acres," "Bad-ass neighbor of Switzerland," and "Cindy."

TZE noticed the list last Thursday night, President M. Rachael Arauz said, after most of the invitations had been distributed.

"To my own feeling, the entire list was offensive," she said. "I feel that as far as the club was concerned, that the invitation was offensive enough as to warrant cancellation of the party. We are ashamed that we are even connected with it."

One member of TZE was individually responsible for the incident, Arauz said. She said that the student was very apologetic.

"It was the mistaken action of one member," Arauz said. "She was not aware that the invitation would offend anyone. She is wholeheartedly and sincerely apologetic for her action, and she is taking individual responsibility for the incident."

Arauz would not disclose the identity of the student, but she added, "We support her in her efforts to apologize for the incident." Arauz said that TZE has not yet made a decision regarding the student's future status with the Society.

Arauz added that TZE has met with the Dean of Students Molly S. Campbell, cancelled the party and printed an apology by posting notices throughout Wellesley campus.

Since the incident happened over the weekend, Arauz added, "There hasn't been a mode for us to make an official apology...I will be speaking at our College Senate [tonight]."

Despite rumors of an administrative rebuke of the organization, it does not appear that university officials will seriously reprimand either the student or the organization for the incident.

"We're more into education here than retribution," Campbell said. "I think it's a case of extremely bad judgement, but as soon as more than one person saw it, they immediately reacted and apologized. They came and told me about it before anyone else did."

Campbell said she will wait to see how students react at the College Senate meeting tonight before she makes her final decision on the incident.

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