New Computer System Indexes Journal Articles

In an effort to streamline the library system's periodical literature catalogues, library officials last month oversaw the installation of a computerized database system which will give students easier access to newspaper and magazine articles.

The program, which is now in use at nine University libraries including Widener and Cabot, operates using compact discs containing complete bibliographical information for periodicals. Each terminal system cost the University $3000 to $4000.

Widener reference librarian Kevin Donnally said that, although the databases are in an experimental stage, users have found them effective and efficient. "I haven't heard any negative [comments]," Donnally said. "They've all been positive."

The new terminals will serve to supplement HOLLIS, which lists periodicals but not specific articles, Donnally said. He said that currently each library has one work station, but "a proposal is in the work station, but "a proposal is in the works" to expand to six-terminal networks.

Cabot Library reference librarian Michael Blake said that although the system "is pretty straight forward" and has met with positive response, as of yet few students utilize it, probably because few know about it.