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Undergraduate Council to Vote Sunday on Holiday Service

By Joanna M. Weiss

Air travelers may find their trek to Logan at winter break easier this year, if a new Undergraduate Council resolution creating airport shuttle service passes at the general council meeting on Sunday.

The proposal calls for a shuttle bus to run December 18 and 19, which would pick up students at Johnston Gate every two hours, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m., said council Chair Evan B. Rauch '91-'92.

The council would sell tickets in advance, probably at one or two dollars each, for the use of the shuttle, said Robert C. Rhew '92, co-chair of the services committee. Tickets would be available at the council office, and leftovers would be sold at the bus stop at the designated bus times, he said.

"It's a great idea. It's a very novel idea," Rhew said. "It looks like an excellent bargain for students, considering that they'll only have to pay one or two dollars."

"I really hope that the students take advantage of this service," Rhew said. "It's a good service."

"The T's a real hassle, and cabs are expensive," Rauch said. "This should compete pretty well."

Lori L. Outzs '91, a member of the services committee, introduced the idea at a committee meeting Tuesday night, but gave credit for the plan to Amy B. Zegart '89, a former council vice chair whom she described as a good friend.

"Her parting words," Outzs said of Zegart, "were `here's this idea. I think it would be great. Just try to do this when you're on the U.C.' "

"She's a talented woman," Outzs said. "She knows what she's talking about."

The council does not expect to make money on the plan, Rhew said. "We're not running a business, so we have no intentions of breaking even," he said. "We obviously just want to provide a service for the students."

Under the plan, Rauch said, the council would commission a single bus for the shuttle service. A second bus could be added if there is enough interest, he said.

Rauch said he sees no obstacles to the passing of the shuttle bus proposal. "Itdoesn't seem like the sort of thing people wouldvote against," he said.

Rhew agreed, saying that he expects the plan"to be very well-received.

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