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By Erica L. Werner

David H. Souter '61 probably ignores a lot of his mail.

But the Supreme Court nominee will have a hard time missing the 8-foot-high postcard the Harvard-Radcliffe Democrats Club plans to stick in his mail box next week.

Club members gathered 1756 signatures in front of Widener library yesterday, hopping to convince Souter to vote pro-choice on abortion cases, said Steve W. Howe '93, the Democrats' political director.

Souter, President Bush's nominee to replace William Brennan on the high court, faces a confirmation vote by the full Senate next Tuesday. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nominee yesterday despite his refusal to state his views on abortion. [See news story, page 4.]

"Dear David Souter," the card reads. "We, as fellow intellectuals and membersof the Harvard Community, ask that you recognizethat the right to privacy extends to a woman'sright to choose an abortion."

Club President James M. Harmon '93 hopes thatthe Harvard name, in addition to the sheer size ofthe card, will cause Souter to take notice.

"I think that he would be susceptible to a callfrom his old Alma Mater," he said. "It wascertainly worth a try."

"Even if it only changes [Souter's] mind aninfinitesimal bit," Howe said, "it will have beenworth it."

Howe said that his alarm over Souter's silenceon abortion was the primary impetus to undertakethe signing, which they also hoped would increasecampus awareness of the issue.

"Hopefully, it will attract attention," hesaid. "People will be thinking about [the factthat] we're having a new judge on the SupremeCourt.

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