Pizza Ring Employee Shot in Robbery Sat.

Two Suspects Still At Large

An employee of a popular pizza delivery service was shot in the arm during a robbery Saturday night at the store's Cambridge headquarters, police said.

According to the Cambridge police journal, two individuals entered Pizza Ring on 212 Western Ave in Cambridge at 11:57 p.m. and told everyone present to empty out their pockets and hand over all money.

After most of the employees complied, the two suspects went to Jucimar Rodrigues, who was in charge of the store at the time, and demanded his money, according to the journal. The two suspects then "told everyone to get on the floor and not move," the journal said.

Nickel-Plated Shotguns

One of the suspects then "fired approximately three rounds, one of which struck the victim in the arm," the journal said. The robbers used a nickel-plated shotgun, according to police reports.


The police journal did not identify the victim, but Luis Medena, a Pizza Ring manager, said Rodrigues had been shot.

"Both suspects then exited and fled down Western Ave., towards the river," the journal said. The two suspects are still at large, police said.

Rodrigues, a resident of Cambridge, was brought to Cambridge Hospital, said a spokesperson for the hospital. But the spokesperson said she was not able to provide any details about Rodrigues' present condition.

According to the police journal, one suspect is a 28 to 30 year-old Black male, 6'4" tall with black hair and a thin mustache. He was wearing a green coat and a black hat, police said. The other suspect is described by police as a 15 year-old Black male, 5'8" tall, wearing a gray jacket, a plaid shirt, jeans and high-top sneakers.

Medena said that the pizza delivery service remained open after the incident. "We temporary halted operations, but we opened again after--we did not shut down," he said.