In Cities Across Nation, Thousands Protest War

Bombs raining on Baghdad drew out thousands of protesters, and demonstrations continued yesterday as Americans made public their support for or anger at the war. Some burned the flag. Some lung to candles in prayer.

In San Francisco, more than 1000 protesters massed at the Federal Building before dawn. One person Was quickly arrested as ranks of police in riot gear faced the restless, mostly young crowd. There were reports of scuffles between demonstrators and workers attempting to get inside.

Chants of "Nor war, no way, don't go to work yesterday" echoed in the plaza. One man carried a sign reading, "Your kinder, gentler president is now at war."

San Francisco and New York each had unruly demonstration of about 5000 people Wednesday night, with crowds lighting bonfires, marching, chanting and carrying protest signs declaring "War Gives Us Gas Pains."

Demonstrators near the White House pushed against a line of mounted U.S. Park Police, who clubbed at least two protesters. That prompted a few protesters to throw rocks and bottles at the police. No one was treated for injuries; 14 people were arrested.


About 100 people at Ohio State University showed their support for the attack, shouting "Mess with the best; die like the rest" and "Liberate Kuwait."

Members of the Delti Chi fraternity at Oklahoma State University in Still-water ferried war information Wednesday night to two members who were outside continuing the fraternity's three-month treehouse sit-in in support of U.S. troops.

In New York, demonstrators rallied outside the United Nations and marched to Times Square.