Dr. Ruth to Come to Campus

Wants Harvard Prudes to Speak Candidly About Sex

Famed sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer will speak at Harvard about "Sex in the '90s" on October 28.

An author, television personality and host of the radio program "Sex on Sunday," Dr. Ruth is speaking at college campuses to promote her new book about safe and pleasurable sex, and to prod men and women into talking more openly about their sexual concerns.

'Taboo Topic'

Peer Contraceptive Counselors (PCC) co-director Carlo Deantonio '92 said that Dr. Ruth will try to help change sex from being a "taboo topic" into an issue that is talked about "openly and respectfully."

"It won't fundamentally change people's awareness of sexual issues, but it will spark dialogue and openness about sex and sexuality," Deantonio said.


"A lot of people make jokes about how Harvard is a dead campus in terms of sex. Dr. Ruth wants to get people to open up their feelings and to feel more comfortable talking about it," said PCC staffer Laura A. Rosenvury '92.

Perky and Interactive

The perky and interactive Dr. Ruth will preface her speech by fielding questions from the audience or answering questions submitted on index cards, according to Rosenbury. The index cards are being distributed at PCC outreach programs to first-year students and will also be available for those who attend the speech.

After this "crowdbreaker," Dr. Ruth will begin her speech by discussing issues raised in her book, Rosenbury said. She is also expected to discuss the issue of sex on college campuses, condoms and sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. Ruth will personally autograph boxes of condoms that will be distributed after the speech.

PCC will organize the event, which is sponsored by the University Health Services and the condom manufacturer Carter/Wallace.

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