Students to Launch 'Poetry Percolator'

First-year students hoping to add some poetry to their lives said yesterday that they plan to launch a "Poetry Percolator" discussion group next month in the Harvard Union.

The group, which is scheduled to meet approximately twice a month in the private dining room, is expected to give voice to campus poets and writers, said Jenna L. Andelman '95, who is organizing the group with fellow first-year Ilana M. Gordon.

"My friend and I were talking about how we were kind of disappointed with the level of conversation at mealtimes," Andelman said, "and we hadn't seen anything else around like [this group]."

Andelman said that each meeting will concentrate on three or four poems or short prose pieces.

Student contributors will submit their works ahead of time to be read and discussed during the meetings.


Andelman said that she and Gordon are hoping to establish a core of interested undergraduates who will attend regularly.

It would be nice to get to know some people, too," "Andelman said.

Upperclass students, non-writers who just want to listen, and writers who want to submit anonymously are welcome as well, Andelman added.

"Everybody at some point has written a poem. Even if it's at three o'clock in the morning, and you scribble down four lines. It's great for sharing emotions and ideas, and just for having fun."

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