Jewett Discusses Curriculum

Dean Says Undergraduate Education Is Top Priority

Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57 told visiting parents at a panel discussion yesterday that a review of the undergraduate curriculum is one of his principal concerns this year.

"We want to implement a fairly careful review of the undergraduate curriculum outside the Core classes," Jewett said during the Parents Weekend event.

A review of the College's system of student advising resources is now in progress, he said.

"We must be sure it's as efficient as it can be," Jewett said. "We should give information and alternatives to students to help them reach decisions that make sense."

Range of Topics


He said that Harvard is currently winding up the process of renovating and improving student housing.

After his address, Jewett fielded questions from parents on subjects ranging from final clubs to political correctness.

Jewett predicted that many of the all-male clubs "will probably [admit women] within the next decade."

Jewett said that the tricky problem of political correctness is one that University administrators are still grappling with.

"We have to deal with [potentially offensive statements] on a case-by-case basis," he said. "Until speech becomes harassment, we don't have the legal authority to intervene," he said.