Phi Beta Kappa Picks Women

Radcliffe's Phi Beta Kappa chapter announced the election yesterday of 24 seniors to its ranks.

The 24 women, who were selected from among the 48 students with the highest grade point averages in their class, will join 12 other members of the Class of 1992 who last spring joined the Iota chapter of the national academic honor society.

Eligibility for the organization is based on a number of factors, but emphasis is placed on grade point average, officials said.

In the spring, up to 10 percent of the remaining women in the graduating class may be similarly honored.

Harvard's Phi Beta Kappa chapter elected 24 men to be members of the organization last month.


The newly elected members of the Radcliffe chapter were notified by personal letter Thursday night. Many expressed surprise yesterday at the news of their election.

"I was totally shocked by it," said Lauren B. Doctoroff. "It's really exciting. I think my parents were as excited as I was."

But Susan M. DePaul said she was not caught entirely off guard. "It wasn't a total surprise, but I wasn't completely expecting to get it either. I was honored to be admitted to Phi Beta Kappa," DePaul said.

"It's nice to know that when you work hard, it pays off," she added.

Julia K. Booms said that she called her best friend and said "We did it!" as soon as she found out about her election.

"I was very pleased," she said. "What else can you say?"

The women chosen represented nine of Harvard's 12 houses, with Cabot and Dunster Houses topping the list at six members each.

The women elected from Cabot House include Anca M. Achim, DePaul, Gia B. Lee, Charisse J. Levine, Kimberley J. O'Neil and Daisy D. Tsai.

The new members from Dunster House are Booms, Elizabeth S. Chait, Frances Dickey, Yoko Irie, Patricia C. Lynch and Julie M. Mallozzi.

Adams House had four admitted: Katherine J. Florey, Milena Hruby, Laura A. Rosenbury and Crimson President Rebecca L. Walkowitz.

One woman, Rachel A. Lewis, was elected from Currier House.

Two women were elected from Leverett House: Doctoroff and Danielle Kleinberg. Lowell House had one admission, Virginia C. Rosencroft, as did Mather House, Bonnie N. Grant.

Pamela Keel was elected from North House and Kelly Chandler and Abigail Cheever were elected from Quincy House.

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