House Officials Investigate Nazi Graffiti

Lowell House officials are investigating who scrawled a swastika on a Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel poster in the house last week.

Last Wednesday, two Lowell residents saw the poster--which announced a speech by Professor of Law Alan M. Dershowitz--on a bulletin board in the house's Fentry and reported it to Senior Tutor Alexandra L. Barcus. She subsequently sent a letter to all house residents asking for any information concerning the incident.

"These are not First Amendment rights," Barcus said yesterday. "This is the kind of incident we can't ignore."

Barcus said in the letter that since F-entry is the main point of access to Lowell House, the swastika may not have been drawn by a house resident.

Several Lowell residents yesterday expressed surprise and anger at the incident.


The writing of the swastika was "heinous and anachronistic," said Jeanne L. Smoot '93, a Lowell House resident.