The Task Force Responds


To the Editors of The Crimson:

Last week's staff editorial "Open the Process" argued that the College's Task Force on Acquaintance Rape has not been sufficiently open to the community. We share your desire to involve as many community members as possible in the development of procedures and educational resources about acquaintance rape. However, we think the Task Force's current structure--which includes closed working meetings and occasional forums open to the entire community--is the best way to hear many points of view while still making steady progress towards our goal.

The regular closed meetings held by the Task Force have been essential to our progress. Because an established group of people comes to each working meeting, we are able to accomplish a great deal in the little time available. As well, the confidential atmosphere of the meetings allows people to speak their minds comfortably, without fear of being misunderstood or misquoted. This freedom allows the group to discuss openly the difficult but crucial issues that surround acquaintance rape.

However, we believe that the Task Force must have as much input as possible from members of the College community. In order to involve students and other community members, the Task Force held an open meeting two weeks ago. This meeting was intended as an open forum for anyone interested to come share ideas. We plan to hold more of these open meetings over the course of the spring. As well, we strongly encourage students to write with opinions and suggestions to Emily Tucker, Adams I-41. Emily M. Tucker '93   Asst. Dean for Coeducation Janet A. Viggiani for the Task Force on Acquaintance Rape


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