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To the Editors of The Crimson:

I would like to respond to Hazem Ben-Gacem's insulting questioning of my knowledge of the Middle East. In his article, "Pan-Arabism Is Not Dead," (Feb. 28), Mr. Ben-Gacem rudely asserts: "Dear Bader, the Arab masses are united. Maybe if you hadn't lived in Belgium for 12 years, you would understand what I am talking about."

In the first place, Mr. Ben-Gacem, I lived in Belgium for three years, hardly 12. Perhaps in the future, you would do well not to rely on false, ignorant hearsay the next time you wish to take weak, malignant jabs at a person.

Let it be known, Mr. Ben-Gacem, that I have lived in both Kuwait and Tunisia--two Arab countries whose political and economic frameworks are diametrically opposed, and whose respectively peoples are far from united. How many Arab states have you lived in?

Finally, Mr. Ben-Gacem, as a matter of common courtesy, I would appreciate your not addressing me by my first name, in such a familiar tone. Contrary to what you might believe, I am not your brother. I do not even know you, and you obviously know nothing about me. Bader A. El-Jeaan

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