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To the Editors of The Crimson:

I read with great interest Mark Sneider's April 9 editorial. His support of the general objectives of the gay rights movement is much appreciated. However, I disagree with his criticism of some of our more radical tactics. We need radical people out there to push the boundaries of acceptance.

We also need lesbians in dresses and ponytails so that you realize that women and gay men are all around you all the time: in section, in the supermarket, in your own family. We need posters of lesbian women having sex so that you won't think twice when you see me holding hands with a woman in the yard, and you won't be disturbed when your local paper starts running lesbian and gay wedding announcements.

We sometimes need to be loud and obnoxious in the streets in order to achieve the acceptance to go about our business quietly at home. I agree that we need to be accepted as "normal" people, but I shouldn't have to change the way I dress; would it be so hard for you to change your definition of "normal"?

Please do wear a pink triangle. It doesn't mean you support Queer Nation or agree with anything I said above. It only means that you believe in our fight for acceptance, and that you do not take the side of the Nazis in destroying us and others who don't fit into your idea of "normal." Your support is really appreciated. Virginia Ravenscroft '92

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