AALARM: Hillel Is Hypocritical


To the Editors of The Crimson:

The Association Against Learning in the Absence of Religion and Morality (AALARM) has endured many thoughtless and misguided criticisms in its brief history, yet none so disappointing as the condemnation from the Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel of April 9. Disappointing because the Hillel claims to represent one segment of the Judeo-Christian moral and ethical tradition upon which our society and many others are based. The very idea of homosexuality is anathema to both the Jewish faith and AALARM's mandate to uphold traditional American values. Therefore, it has grown uncomfortably obvious that AALARM, in this instance, is the more sincere advocate of the Jewish value structure than the "Jewish Center" at Harvard.

At the very foundation of the Jewish faith and identity are the Old Testament and the Talmud. These texts are the basis of the resilient Jewish culture which has withstood such great adversity for millennia. The Jewish denunciation of homosexuality is unequivocal in passages such as Leviticus 18:22: "You shall not lie with a man as with a woman: that is an abomination." The Old Testament is very clear in its condemnation of the homosexual lifestyle, which Hillel has embraced as a legitimate "minority." If AALARM is to be condemned for its belief in the immorality of homosexuality and sodomy, then we merely request that Hillel ascend from shallow hypocrisy and admonish all groups and institutions espousing similar beliefs. Will Hillel condemn the Old Testament? The Jewish religion? The state of Israel, which has sodomy laws harsher than any found in the United States?

If Hillel refuses these logically parallel requests, then we would ask them to rescind their censure of AALARM. It appears that AALARM has run up against the Politically Correct monolith at Harvard. Hillel is but one of many groups and individuals who have disregarded traditional values in pursuit of temporal gratification, whether it be sexual pleasure or kudos from liberal groups and administrators. We understand, as AALARM's Jewish members are quick to point out, that the Hillel has been subverted by a radical faction which follows a political agenda while ignoring the true spirit of the Jewish faith. We hope this faction will clarify its position--is it against the Judeo-Christian ethos or just acting as another P.C. front group against AALARM? E. Adam Webb '93   Kenneth DeGiorgio '93   Co-Presidents, AALARM