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To the Editors of The Crimson:

I would like to respond to Adam Webb, et. al.'s letter of April 16, in which he characterized Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel as "one of many groups and individuals who have disregarded traditional values in pursuit of temporal gratification, whether it be sexual pleasure or kudos from liberal groups and administrators." I wish to commend Webb on his insightful characterization of this duplicitous group; the Truth, as Peninsula calls it, is finally out.

Quite simply, Hillel is a hot bed of sin. Who in Lowell House, or even Claverly has not been awakened by the wild partying which occurs every weekend at Hillel, often continuing until Well past 4 a.m.? who has not gaped in openmouthed wonder at the members of Hillel, visible only through barred street-level windows, sitting down to a "supper" reminiscent of Roman orgies, with scantily clad servants popping grapes into the mouths of students awaiting the main course of a succulent Whole roast pig? What of the repeated complaints, registered with the Cambridge police by members of the Phoenix Club (which shares the Hillel building), of "moans...accompanied by what sounded like a leather lash"--on a Saturday afternoon?

That such activity is so blatantly sanctioned by Harvard's liberal administrators is shocking. Why has Hillel received numerous public service awards for community outreach programs freaturing lectures like "Adultery-Schmadultery: what's a little coveting between friends?" How could they remain silent in the face of the formation of the Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel Onanism Group? Why has there been no fury over posters advertising Hillel's Sodomy Brunch? Administrators refuse to tackle this P.C. minority group for fear of being labeled Ponucally incorrect. In doing so, nowever, they support the regain of terror that Hillel's "radical faction," as Webb accurately names it, holds over those members of this campus who do maintain traditional moral values. What of the knife fights which "traditionally" (read: only at 74 Mt. Auburn St.) accompany the eve of the Jewish New Year? We don't want to deny their rights; we just want an end to the bloodshed.

In closing, I just wish to congratulate Adam Webb and the members of AALARM on their crack investigative work; it's about time somedody brought this dirty little secret to light. Behind that innocuous-looking blue door lies a Hillel in a handbasket. Especially shameful is the organization's insistence on masquerading as a group dedicated to upholding an ethical and moral tradition. These P.C. inquisitors are on the lookout to attack anyone who disagrees with them, accusing them of racism, sexism, ageism, and anything else they can think of, regardless of Truth. It's about time we attacked back. Jennifer L. Cooper '92

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