Law Students Rally, Decry Dean's Letter

More than 40 Law School students rallied for faculty diversity outside of Griswold Hall yesterday, decrying Dean Robert C. Clark's response to an April 10 sit-in outside the building.

Clark had sent letters to student participants who were identified in official photographs taken at the sit-in. The letters had threatened disciplinary action for any similar "disruptions" in the future.

Moreover, Clark had sent copies of the letters and a cover letter slamming the protesters to all students and faculty members.

At the rally, organized by the school's Coalition for Civil Rights (CCR), third-year student David D. Troutt called for Clark's resignation, citing the dean's inability to handle such a serious issue diplomatically.

Troutt called the letter "Gestapo-like" and said that it was "meant to intimidate students."

Troutt said that since Clark refused to even discuss the issue of diversity, there was no indication of possible compromise. Rather, the Law School might try to quell the problem by limiting the acceptances of students who strongly opposed the administration's point of view, Troutt said.

"It's fair to assume that there may be an effort to change the political complexion of students admitted," Troutt said.

Earl M. Phalen, a first-year student, read aloud a letter that the