Seven-Year-Old Called for Jury Duty

BROCKTON, Mass.--Kaitlyn Marshalsea wants to get out of jury duty next month because she doesn't want to miss school. The court will probably comply, since she is only seven years old.

An error in a town census report lists the first grader as an 87-year-old student. Somehow, her birth date was marked as 1904 instead of 1984, and she was recorded as head of the household.

She received notification to appear in Hingham District Court on February 6 for jury duty.

Her parents say they want the mistake corrected, and the new city clerk promises to do just that.

But offers addressed to Kaitlyn to join the groups such as American Association of Retired Persons and information on subsidized housing for the elderly have been pouring in since January of 1990, says Kaitlyn's mother, Susan Marshalsea.


"The last straw was jury duty," said Marshalsea. "That was pushing it."