Rose Elected to Fill Prabhu's Council Seat

Nearly three weeks after Undergraduate Council (UC) Vice Chair Maya G. Prabhu '94 resigned following a scandal, Dunster House has elected Ted G. Rose '94 to replace her in the house's delegation.

Rose, a social studies concentrator and Crimson editor, beat three opponents for Prabhu's seat with 68 votes, according to Victor Chiu '95, Dunster delegation chair. The runner-up, Jason R. Dean '95, received 50 votes.

Chiu said 196 of the Dunster's 370 residents voted--an "above average" turnout, he said.

Prabhu vacated her seat following a scandal over an invalid social committee election, in which she was accused of tampering with ballots. Rose said he entered the election because he wants the council to regain the credibility it lost in the scandal's aftermath.

"The scandal proved that the UC doesn't respect itself," Rose said." No one's felt obliged to explain anything to Dunster House or to the community. Maya took responsibility but didn't say what happened."


"As a Dunster student, I want to know," he said.

Rose added that because of the scandal, he wants "to radically change the UC. I have no interest in being on the UC the way it is now."

Rose proposed creating a committee to examine student government at other colleges and suggest reforms.

Although many Dunster residents said they are not angry about the scandal, some said they agreed that Prabhu should explain the incident more clearly to Dunster residents.

"I basically feel that since a lot of Dunster House residents aren't sure of whathappened, she should make a statement so studentscan hear her side and so she can clear the air,"said Rachel L. Schlesinger '95.

Benjamin A. Cash '94 also said he feels sheshould apologize, saying that "if [Prabhu] wasinvolved in it, I feel that she does owe thepeople who elected her an apology."

Others Say Apology Unneeded

But others said an apology is unnecessary, andthat the guilt and embarrassment from the scandalis punishment enough.

"I think probably she's been hurt enough byit--this is going to follow her around for therest of her years here," Gleason said.

Chiu said the election scandal probablyincreased competition for the seat.

Four Dunster residents ran on the ballot forone position in this election, whereas sixcandidates ran in the fall election for fiveseats.

Prabhu could not be reached for comment.CrimsonDavid E. RosenDunster resident TED G. ROSE will take overthe Council seat vacated by Prabhu.