Anti-Abortion Group Targets UHS

Alliance for Life Tables in Dining Halls, Asks Students to Demand Rebates

The Alliance for Life, a student anti-abortion organization, is taking aim at University Health Services (UHS) for its policy of funding abortions.

Last night at Winthrop House the alliance gathered 52 letters from students asking for UHS abortion coverage rebates, according to Mark J. Barker '93, the group's president.

"We think it's an outrage that our money is used to fund the legalized killing of unborn children," Barker said.

Under university policy, students with moral objections to abortion may request rebates of their share of the annual cost of abortion-related services at UHS.

UHS medical coverage pays up to $275 for an abortion--which UHS does not itself perform--and also covers counseling and follow-up medical care.


The rebate comes to only $3.17, according to alliance member Geoffrey B. McGuire '95, but he said students do not generally ask for the rebate for financial gain.

"It's not so much that they want the money as it is a symbolic thing," McGuire said.

UHS officials could not be reached for comment.

Barker said the alliance plans to table at all house dining halls before Christmas. Mealtime efforts at Quincy House and the Harvard Union in the past two weeks netted 45 student rebate requests, McGuire said.

The next scheduled stop is Eliot House this Sunday.

The group also distributed antiabortion literature, including information on the Nurturing Network, a support group for pregnant women.

According to the network's brochure, the group works with universities throughout the country to help pregnant college students continue their education and bring their babies to term.

Schools belonging to the network facilitate temporary transfers for pregnant students wanting to keep their pregnancies secret.

"It's not a political organization. It just tries to help people," Barker said.

One of the alliance's goals is making Harvard a member of the network, Barker said, who added he has discussed the network with Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III.

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