Kwiatkowski Speaks On...

Harvard QB Mike Giardi

Everybody knows that Giardi is the best quarterback in this league and he hasn't had a chance to prove it. He really hasn't. [Dartmouth's] Fiedler is a pure passer and a great one, but Giardi is the best athlete-passing quarterback in the league. He combines everything you can do passing-wise but adds that dimension of being able to run and to escape.

The Ivy Title Race

Dartmouth against Princeton. It's going to be some, some football game. If the Dartmouth defense can do some of the things it's been doing all year and take [Princeton running back] Keith Elias out of the game, I don't think Princeton is the team Dartmouth is.

At the same time, Fiedler is everything to Dartmouth as Elias is to Princeton and when Cornell took him out, or, let's say, the rain and sleet took him out of the game, Dartmouth wasn't the team they normally are. So if it's really foul weather, I go with Princeton. If it's good weather, Dartmouth should win.


Multiflex vs. Spread-T

Our offense is better because it takes a lot of the concepts of the most modern throwing concepts from the run and shoot of the professional game and adopts it to our misdirection, power running game. We move people around to get the best matchups for the passing game, and we've had a lot of success despite our lack of team speed.