Article Ignored Important Proposal


As you may know, the Signet once had many members who were on the Crimson's editorial staff, and so it is our natural inclination to support those involved with your newspaper.

It is in this spirit of quasi-camaraderie that I must voice my concern over an article which appeared in the paper December 8 entitled, "Lampoon Compers Interrupt Club Even," by Alec E. Permison.

Instead of focussing on David Ross' fascinating speech, which took the form of a proposal to President-elect Clinton about governmental involvement in the arts, Permison described an ordinary Lampoon prank as the most significant event of the evening.

Though his article was surely amusing to some, knowing that its presence in the paper came with the price of ignoring Ross' speech saddened me, and made me wonder just what other highly important events occurring at Harvard go unnoticed by The Crimson.

The only imaginable explanation for your complete omission of Ross' remarks is that you are unaware: unaware of who David Ross is, unaware of the content of his speech, unaware of the purpose and function of the Signet as a Society of Arts and Letters.


If this is indeed the reason, then I encourage you, and will help you, to rectify your error. I, and other Signet members, will cooperate with you so that the rest of the Harvard community may learn of an important and historical proposal that was first presented at our University. Jennifer Rubell '93   President, The Signet Society