Bee Expands Membership

All-Female Social Club Invites Three Undergrads to Join

The Bee, an all-female social club, admitted new members to its ranks for the first time just before winter break, according to sources familiar with the club.

The club invited three members to join, although it is not clear if all of the three accepted.

Students close to Bee members have said that the club will purposely avoid anything resembling the "punch" process, by which Harvard's nine all-male final clubs admit new members.

Instead of inviting prospective members to social events, the Bee made its decisions secretly, intending for the process to be carried out without the knowledge of those being considered, according to a source.

But at least one woman was considered and "blackballed" by a current Bee member, said another source familiar with the club.


Sources said that Bee members meet about once a week, in addition to social activities.

And last weekend, Bee President Kristen L. Silverberg '92 hosted a social event--possibly a Bee event--in the home of Associate Professor of Government H. W. Perry.

Perry said that he did allow Silverberg, who lives in the same Leverett House entry as he, to use his home. But Perry noted that he was out of the apartment at the time and did not know of the existence of the Bee.

"Evidently the place they were going to fell through so we let them use our apartment since we were going to be out," Perry said.

Silverberg did not return phone calls last night. Bee Vice President Honey East '93 also failed to return phone calls.

None of the women who have been identified as members of the club have acknowledged the club's existence. Alleged members have consistently refused comment when contacted by The Crimson.

The First Expansion

Before the recent expansion in membership, the Bee consisted entirely of the original members who founded the club last spring.

The formation of the Bee marks the second attempt by Harvard women in recent years to form an all-female social club. The Athena club, which was open to all women undergraduates, was established two years ago but has apparently failed.

In addition, members of the Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) allege another all-female named the Cliff was created this year.

The Bee has received harsh criticism from both Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57 and Dean of Students Archie C. Epps III.

Jewett and Epps have decried the formation of an all-female club, echoing theircriticism of the final clubs. The College has cutall ties with the final clubs, protesting theexclusion of women.

In addition, members of the Radcliffe Union ofStudents have attacked the Bee