Quincy Masters Announce Divorce

Shinagels Notify Students in Letter

Quincy House Masters Michael and Rosa Shinagel announced their plans to divorce in a letter received by students yesterday.

The notice said that Rosa B. Shinagel, associate dean of Radcliffe, will move out of the house and resign as co-master at the beginning of the spring term. Michael Shinagel '59, dean of continuing education and University extension, will remain as house master.

The masters expressed their "sense of sadness" and affection for the House in the letter marked "personal and confidential."

'Not Precipitous or Easy'

"Such a momentous decision was not precipitous or easy for either of us, for we both wish it could be otherwise, but, alas, it cannot," the Shinagels wrote.


Quincy residents expressed surprise and sorrow after learning of the Shinagels' decision.

"It's rather tragic," said R. Chris Basaldu '94. "I'm personally extremely saddened by it."

Basaldu added that many students saw the Shinagels as substitute parents.

Ellie I. Chuang '94 said she was "surprised and stunned" at the news. "I don't know what it will do to the House," she said.

Students Saddened

Although many residents said they were saddened by the masters' decision, others said they had little contact with the couple and do not expect the divorce to affect them personally.

"Most people here have very little exposure to the masters," said TongYi Yao '92. But Yao said the idea of the divorce seemed "odd and weird" to her when she heard.

Still other Quincy students said they feel that the masters' separation is private and that the issue should not be explored by outsiders.

"I don't have anything to say," said Todd A. Kesler '94. "I think it's a personal matter."