Seventeen Attend Security Seminars

Security seminars in three Harvard houses drew only a handful of students last night.

Seventeen people attended the seminars, which were part of a security awareness project sponsored by the Harvard University Police Department and the Undergraduate Council.

The seminars featured a videotape depicting common campus crimes such as bicycle theft, property theft, telephone abuse and personal attacks.

The film urged students to use campus emergency phones if they or others are in danger of harm. It also encouraged students to lock their rooms and their bikes at all times.

Sgt. Lawrence J. Fennelly, head of Harvard Police's crime prevention division, joined council security committee members Jonathan K. Hsu '94 and David G. Lefer '93 in answering questions after the film.


Students who attended the semi- nar said they found it was worth while.

"It's good to be reminded of certain things,"said Jeffrey H. Chou '95. "I will be more carefulwalking around at night and I will lock my doormore often."

The seminars, in Currier, Dudley and WinthropHouse, had an audience of five, two and ninestudents, respectively. Winthrop House MasterJames A. Davis was present at his house's seminar.

The event's organizers said they weredisappointed by the student turnout, and hop thatmore student will get involved in security issuesin the future