Racquetwomen Crush Lions, 7-2

Crimson Rolls in Ivy league Debut

A lot of sun.

Warm temperatures.

A win.

What else could any athletic team ask for?

Maybe some courtesy from the other team.


The Harvard women's tennis team received almost all of the above yesterday afternoon when the squad handily dispatched an overmatched Columbia team at the Beren Tennis Center, 7-2.

The outcome of this match was never in doubt as the Crimson (6-8 overall, 1-0 Ivy) dominated Columbia on almost every court, sweeping the Lions in five out of its seven victories.

Of course, you wouldn't have guessed that by watching the Columbia players.

The Lions may not have been very talented, but they sure acted like they were.

In almost every match, one could see a Columbia player yelling, screaming and banging her racket on the court.

Just like John McEnroe.

Except McEnroe is good.

Harvard freshman Erika DeLone gave Columbia a taste of good tennis. The sixth-ranked player in the country blew by senior Janette Kizer, 6-2, 6-0.

In fact, the biggest problem for DeLone was playing on Kizer's level.

"It's difficult to play against players who aren't as tough as some others," DeLone said. "Sometimes I have trouble getting up for every point in matches like this."