Harvard Foundation Director S. Allen Counter

It's been a rough week for Harvard Foundation Director S. Allen Counter.

A letter he wrote to The Crimson this week has sparked strong objections from several students and a series of meetings with concerned administrators.

The letter, co-written by Foundation student advisory committee co-chair Natosha O. Reid '93, criticized The Crimson's coverage of race relations on campus. It included passages that many students consider offensive.

Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57 and President Neil L. Rudenstine have both met with Counter to discuss the letter.

"I think it was a very unfortunate letter," said Jewett. "It certainly was a disturbing letter."


The letter said that "Crimson writers active in Hillel have written extensively on Black-Jewish relations" and several students say it implies an alliance between The Crimson and the Jewish student organization.

The letter also says that The Crimson "frequently cities the Harvard-Radcliffe one of the student groups that is dissatisfied with the Foundation's work."

Both The Crimson editorial board and Hillel Coordinating Council Chair Shai A. Held '93 condemned the letter as inaccurate and insensitive.

And Dan L. Libenson '92 says he plans to file a complaint with University calling for Counter's resignation.

Libenson is also making an issue out of an article that Counter wrote in 1985 which he says is anti-Semitic.

Held and Libenson say that Counter's letter hints at a "conspiracy" and that its charges "smack of anti-Semitism."

Jewett would not say whether an official request for counter's resignation has been filed, but he says the administration will carefully consider such a request if it is made.

The dean said a "process would be set up for review" in the case of any call for an official's resignation.

In any case, the College will be examining the current controversy, Jewett says.

"I think we will be looking into the matter because of concerns in general that have been raised," Jewett says.