Phone Service Changes Policy

In response to recommendations from the Undergraduate Council, the Harvard Student Telephone Office plans to enact numerous policy changes this fall, including automatic activation of phones and of Personal Access Codes (PACs).

The changes were originally suggested by the council's residential committee. Telephone Office Manager Jack Wise outlined the new policies in a letter to committee member Maria G. Cerda '93 earlier this month.

According to the letter, students who return their applications before July 31 will have service activated on the requested date. Applications received after that time will be processed on a "first come, first served" basis.

First-years and all upperclass students who do not return forms will automatically receive contiguous ser- vice. Any changes in service requested beforeSeptember 30 will be included in the initialconnection charge.

In addition, all PACs with no outstandingcharges, including those of first-years, will beactivated automatically. This change willeliminate the days, even weeks, some studentsspent without long-distance service.

Also, the credit limit for accounts in goodstanding will be eliminated. Accounts overdue by60 days will be disconnected and a fee will becharged for reconnection. A credit limit will beenacted only if a student has a recurring paymentproblem.


In addition to the policy changes, thetelephone office will change its business hours.Beginning next fall, the office will be open from10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, withextended hours in the early fall.

Other requests made by the committee--for moreCentrex phones and for mid-year directoryupdates--are still under consideration, Wisewrote