BGLSA Elects Officers

A slate of sophomores and first-year students were elected to the executive board of the Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Students Association last night on a platform of closer inter-minority ties and "dancing, disco and decadence."

"They're a powerhouse of energy," said former co-chair Sandi L. DuBowski '92.

John A. Frazier '95, Rachel E. Cohen '94 and Season N. Ray '94 are the new co-chairs of the group.

Frazier called for stronger links between the gay community and other minorities on campus.

Javier I. Romero '95 and Eleanor N. Kincaid '95 are now the BGLSA co-vice chairs. Romero said he hopes to bring a new "3-D vision" of fun and decadence to the group.


"I think we've lost a lot of the fun aspects of being gay" he said. "I mean, I can vogue with my roommate--who else on campus can say that?"

Romero's roommate, Joel V. Derfner '95, is the BGLSA's new treasurer. He and Romero said the youth of the new executives will have a positive effect on the organization.

"I think its really young and really energetic and I'm really psyched for next year," Derfner said.